A little late is better than never…

21 08 2009

I’ve only recently figured out how to use this blog, and so I’ll soon begin posting some entries.  For all those who have been posting on this site… thank you!  I’ll be responding soon…

For those wondering what I’m up to these days,  quite simply, I’m writing!  I have a collection of short stories I’m pulling together, along with two books of fiction.  I’m splitting my time between the projects, waiting for one of them to grab hold of me and force me to the finish line.  As for what they’re about, well… I guess you’ll just have to wait and see.  🙂

I’m also swamped with editing and ghostwriting due to the demands of my business (www.iowabookdoctors.com), and though the work is a lot of fun (authors have been sending me some really strong books to edit, which makes it all the more enjoyable), it does take time away from writing my own stuff.

Other than that, I recently moved back into my house (long story, filled with drama and chaos and heartache) and am trying to deal with termites, the dead mice my cats bring in, and a dog who has decided that wood floors are a better restroom than the grass outside.


Welcome to MonkeysAndJunkies.

9 10 2008